#momsofCandS: Aini

We speak to Aini, a mom of 2 who shares about her breastfeeding journey and reminds us all on the importance of going with the flow, trusting the process and being kind to yourself in building better and healthier relationships with those around us too.

*Hello! tell us a little bit about yourself and your little family

Hello! I am a full time SAHM. I am a mother of 2; a soon to be 3 yo son & a 6 mths old daughter. I make natural deodorants (SALV) & do calligraphy (@artisoeurs) every now and then.

*How long have you been breastfeeding for and how is it going for you? 

I have been breastfeeding for 6 months. It is, as we know it, not all rainbows and butterflies each time, & no one journey is the same as another. With both children, I struggled the first 1-2 months, especially so in the first few weeks PP. 

I quit entirely for my firstborn because I felt it was pressurising me too much. I was constantly worried about having low supply. “Is he fed enough or not”, “why is he crying” these were the questions that stuck at the back of my mind every single day. But to call it quits then, was a huge relief for me. My relationship with my son then got better, & I healed better too.

With my daughter, I am better prepared. I am also more determined. So, I am extremely grateful for where we are now. Not without tears of course! But nowadays, tears of joy is more like it! 

I take this journey day by day and not by how long I want it to last. I think that’s how I feel more confident this time round.

*What is the most rewarding thing about motherhood?

I have to say, being a better version of myself every new day. & when my children watch me be a better version of myself each new day, they reflect that too!

*One parenting advice for new moms?

Be kind to yourself every single time. As moms, we tend to wear many(many many many….!) hats. It took a toll on my health at one point of time & it also took quite awhile to bounce back. So be kind to yourself; try to forgive yourself as much as you can, sneak in little breaks, put down one or two hats & just breathe. It is the small wins that wins it all.

(Photos by Flashed)